By registering your domain in the site, we do the following to monitor your site:

  • Check the site's rank based on the provided keyword by user in Google search engine
  • The number of pages indexed by the Google search engine for your domain.

The above reports for a registered domain, if the domain belongs to you, can help you decide to improve your site in terms of the above criteria. If this domain belongs to your competitor sites, you can also see the changes of your competitor sites every day and finally take steps to improve your site.

By registering keywords related to each domain, you can see the changes in your position in the first 100 results of Google search engine to search for that keyword. If your site is not relevant to a keyword in the top 100 results, your position will be zero for that particular keyword.

You can register any domain that belongs to you. In addition, if you want to track changes in your competitors' domains, you can also record them. The site will rank your word privacy and other users will not know the details of the domains registered by you in any way.

Many users often mistakenly think that the keyword is the same words that are assigned to a particular page in a row by the webmaster with a comma. Like these words "cooking makeup and beauty tutorial download movie download movie"

While on the "What is my Google Rank" site, each keyword should be listed separately so that it can better determine its result in the Google search process and provide more accurate statistics. In fact, by registering a keyword, you allow its software to search for that word in Google, and if it sees your site in the first 100 results, it will report its position as a report to You can see the result of your actions that you do for SEO and optimization. Therefore, according to these explanations, the above keywords should be registered separately and as follows for a specific domain

  • make up and beauty
  • Cooking
  • Education
  • Download music
  • Download movie

We just do monitoring your site and helps you decide on actions to SEO and optimize your site. By registering your domain on the "What is my Google Rank" site as well as its keywords, you can see the result of your actions.

In "What is my Google Rank" the search results of a word and its position for a registered domain are completely neutral. it means:

  • * Never clicks on the results to personalize the results
  • * Shows registered results from the general public. That is, if each user searches for that particular keyword in Google, where does your domain come from, assuming that the user has never searched for that keyword before? Did not click on any of them
  • Search history is never saved so that Google can show results based on search history and interests