We would like to inform all the users who intend to join the website and use the services of this site, that they should read the provisions of this agreement carefully and completely, and then proceed to join and use the services of the site. They should be aware that by becoming a member of the Whatismygrank.com site or purchasing and using the services of this website, it means that they have read and accepted all the rules and follow and implement all the rules and regulations.

1. General rules

The whatismygrank.com site complies with the consumer rights protection law and in return requests the user to comply with all these laws. If there is a change in the mentioned rules, procedures and services, it will be published and updated on this page, and users' constant use of the site means that they have accepted any changes.


The first step that users must take to join the site is to visit the free membership section. By entering the requested information (email), a confirmation code will be sent to them, then users can confirm the membership process by entering the confirmation code and enter their user panel.

Users must register their phone number along with other information requested by the whatismygrank.com site correctly and completely, and the user is responsible for their wrong registration.



To buy from the site, the user must perform the following actions

- Visiting the plans offered on the site and choosing the right plan

- Paying for the plan online.

- The whatismygrank.com site considers itself obliged to provide the services that users have requested and purchased.

The thing you should pay attention to is that the e-mail address and phone numbers you register in your profile are the only official and approved e-mail addresses and phones, and your correspondence and responses should be done through them.


When there is a problem in the internet service or any event that causes an email from the whatismygrank.com site to not reach the user, it does not mean that the user's right is lost.


The user should not take any action or comment on the whatismygrank.com site that would violate other people's rights or lead to a criminal act. Also, users should be careful not to comment on religious and political matters on this site, because they will be immediately expelled from the site, and if they have purchased a package, their deposit will not be returned to them, and the user has the right to use This site misses.



The whatismygrank.com site is not responsible for the malfunction of the site, in which it has no role and is out of its control.

The privacy policies of the site will respect and protect the private information of users who use the site's services and is committed not to share the information collected from your site with other sites and competitors. And be sure that your information will not be published anywhere, and the whatismygrank.com site promises to protect and defend your privacy to the best of its ability and the technology required to make your use of the site's services safer and more secure. To develop the word rank, in principle, by using the services of the whatismygrank.com site, you will be completely satisfied.


The fee paid for the purchase of the user plan at the word level is not refundable. In addition, in case of canceling the purchase of a plan, you should note that it is not possible to upgrade to a higher plan by paying the difference, and whenever a service is purchased, the service start time is calculated from the time of the user's purchase.

2. Conditions and laws of author's rights and copyright

All the content provided by the whatismygrank.com site services, such as logos, descriptions, images, data, and all the content it produces belong to the whatismygrank.com site and are considered one of its assets, and all content and services It belongs to the whatismygrank.com site and users do not have the right to use and publish it without mentioning the source.

Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password by using the services of the whatismygrank.com website, and all activities that are carried out with their user account are the responsibility of the user.

3. The responsibility of users

1.3. Free Analysis:

All use of tools and services for unauthorized sites and activities such as unethical sites and betting and hacking training etc. is prohibited.

2.3. Advanced Analysis:

The whatismygrank.com site has the right to temporarily and permanently terminate the user's service in case of violation of the rules. Also, no money will be returned to the offending user for the interruption of the service or the remainder of the service.

3.3. coercive power:

All the mentioned and inserted rules are applicable, and in the event of any force majeure case, the whatismygrank.com site has no responsibility. The whatismygrank.com website is committed to respecting the privacy of its users, please notify us if you see any violation of communication channels.

Note: whatismygrank.com site can change the provisions of these rules at any time. Users are required to read this page at all times


Revision: 14/February/2023